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Dynatrace Forum Changes 2016-04-15

Hi Dynatrace Community!

This morning we pushed out some changes to the Dynatrace Forums that we’ve been working on in the background. Most of the changes are focused on a more intuitive user experience and a cleaner, more streamlined layout. This gets us a step closer to our goal of opening up the forums for public viewing!

Full change log below.

There's more to come, but please let me know what you think in the comments!

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2016-04-15 Community Update: Forums Changes

  • More prominient Ask a Question button throughout the site
  • Changed from displaying Full Name to First and Last initial
  • This get us ready to open the forums up for public viewing
  • # of views of each posting is now displayed in the overview listings
  • When you select a tag to filter your list, it remains highlighted List sorting and comment buttons are redesigned to be more intuitive
  • Parent forums (AppMon & UEM, Synthetic, DC RUM, and Keynote) now show all topic tags for their subforums in the right side widget.
  • Topic tags are displayed under each post in the overview listing.
  • Gravatar avatars were disabled and replaced with a generic anyperson avatar.
    • Click on the avatar in the upper right and select “profile” to upload a new picture!
  • Forum followers widget is now collapsed by default.
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I noticed "recent badges" are gone. Is this intentional? It's not in the changelog.

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Hi Shane,

Yes, we removed the "recent badges" from the side panel. They're still visible when you view a user's profile, however. We wanted to work on a comprehensive strategy on how to use the badges, how best to utilize them to encourage participation with meaningful rewards and accomplishments. We hope to have something in place soon(ish)! --Ron D.

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"Changed from displaying Full Name to First and Last initial" - why not show full names for logged in users and the shortened versions for people not logged in (assuming that's what you mean with public viewing)?

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That's an option, Roman. Thanks for sharing it. We'll look into it as part of our over all design and interaction strategy.

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I completely agree with Roman, because many times I want to follow up with someone that posted an answer and sometimes the only way is via their name.

@Ron D, can we have more visibility on this request? Maybe an RFE Forum for the Answers platform would be the place?

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Just as a side note, the full name appears when you receives an email saying that your question was answered by someone:

This question is also related to what we are discussing here:

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