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Create Ticket NOT working

I need to create a ticket for App Mon problem. but when I click submit, it shows "The JIRA server could not be contacted. This may be temporary glitch or the server may be down. "

I tried 2 days with chrome and IE11, also cleared history, cookies, etc., neither working. the Open Ticket page even not displayed properly in IE11.

Is there any advice?


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I will bring this JIRA problem to the attention of our IT staff, right away.

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Typically when something like that happens, it is because something on the customer side is killing the connection. This is not an issue that is being reported by other users. Can you confirm with your network admins that nothing is being blocked on your side?

Regards, Matt Parks

Support Operations

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Hi James,

I am with the Support Portal development team. I will contact you directly so we can sort this out.

Thank you.

Ahmad Awadallah

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Can you try chrome, please I do not see any issues with your user account.

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Hi Everyone, The issue is currently resolved. I asked James to disconnect from his client's network and try again. He disconnected VPN and used his home network. He was able to successfully create a ticket.

The issue is with this client's network, and not related to the browsers.

Thank you again James for your patience in working with us. We really appreciate it!

Ahmad Awadallah

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Thanks for solving this problem, Matt, Ahmad and Alex. You Rock!

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