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Does DCRUM support IPv6 protocol


Could you please help me with the question - Does DCRUM support IPv6 protocol as a server side use and if clients will use IPv6 too. Could we have any trouble with this?


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Hi Nikolay,

DC RUM definitely supports monitoring IPv6. But there are several limitations.

Since there aren't a lot of customers monitoring IPv6 with DC RUM out in the field, our on-site gurus are unable to give you a solid answer I'm assuming.

Best to open a ticket with labs.


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Hi @Nikolay S.,

it seems you've created an article instead of a question..could you please convert it?

( @Karolina L. )

Thanks, Raff

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Unfortunatelly, there is no option to convert an article into a question :(

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It's been long supported but as Raff points to, most DC's and customers run IPv4 since it's easier to tell at a glance where traffic is coming or going to .

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Nikolay, we are able to analyze IPv6 traffic.

DCRUM components have to communicate with each other using IPv4.

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Sorry, that I created post as article, how I could convert it to "Ask a Question"?

I mean what if my DCRUM components (AMD, Reporting Server) will use IPv6 for internal communication? Does this case support by dynatrace configuration?

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