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Introducing the Dynatrace Support Center!

Hi Dynatrace Community!

First, for those both new around here and those that have been here for a little while, I want to introduce you to the new Dynatrace Support Center. It’s the new name we’ve given to all of the help resources available to you from Dynatrace.

But what about the Dynatrace Community? Well, it hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, since you’re reading this, you’re in it right now!

The Dynatrace Community is now a part of the new Support Center, having been adopted by a new parent this past weekend. Support Center/Community is the new organizational hierarchy.

Many of the improvements that we make to the Support Center are derived from the feedback we get directly from you, our Community members, either directly here in the forums or through our surveys.

The design of the Dynatrace Support Center unifies it aesthetically with our website and product user interfaces. We think you’ll find this streamlined design more intuitive and that it’s easier than ever before to find the information you need.

Here are some of the changes that you'll love in the new Support Center:

  • The top level pages are much faster and are optimized for mobile
  • There's a more prominent search box on the main Support Center page and other top level Support pages

  • Our new breadcrumb navigation will let you know exactly where you are in the information hierarchy and can be used to move up to specific levels directly.

  • Persistent navigation links to Support Resources remain up top through your use of the site.

  • A new login button appears at the top of the new pages for the Support Center.

  • When logged in, the button becomes a link to the My Account management page.

  • A login to the Dynatrace SaaS platform is at the very top right of the pages.

There are a lot more changes coming from us down the pike in the Support Center, so, please follow this space for future updates!

Ron DeMarco
Sr. Product Manager
Dynatrace Support Center & Community

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Hello Ron,

can you help me with finding the link to the partner section? I think it was moved with the new layout

best regards,


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Hi Friederike,

I think that's the link you are looking for:


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Thanks for providing the link!

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Hello Ron,

I have a problem that mostly I am not able to access the RFE posts and also the old posts. Can you please look into this issue?



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