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DC RUM Community High Five Award: Chuan W.!

The DC RUM Community High Five award serves to recognize members who ask questions, step up to help others, share resources & ideas, and help to improve the value of our Community.

Our current High Five award goes to Chuan W.!

Two weeks ago, Chuan asked a question about RTT and ACK RTT data missing on the Network Explorer report. He not only figured out the root cause, but has also updated the post with an answer!

Thank you, Chuan, for building the DC RUM Community into a valuable place for all DC RUM users. Congratulations!

Winners of this award are also immediately eligible to win the Member of the Month and Rock Star Community awards.

Do you think someone else in the DC RUM Community has earned the right to be given a high five? Add a comment to this post and let us know!

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