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Announcing the Community Member of the Month for March 2019!

Please join us in congratulating Igor M., the Dynatrace Community Member of the Month for March 2019!

Igor is an expert of monitoring and managing department and a part-time department deputy head at IBS – an official Dynatrace partner in Russia. He uses NAM and Dynatrace SaaS/Managed. The most important part of his job is to provide IBS customers with the most technologically advanced solutions and services.

Igor joined the Dynatrace Community just 5 months ago but started his journey with Dynatrace a couple of months earlier as response to the growing number of loosely connected microservice applications at his customer’s infrastructure.

When asked, why he contributes to the Community, Igor said:

I know that sharing experience is the best way to get help back in a personal difficult moment. I believe we need to help each other and share ideas and best practices. This is the only way to popularize technology and products and expand the community around it.“

Igor also explained us why he values Dynatrace Community members the most:

Dynatrace community is active and responsive, and Dynatrace support and local representatives are prompt and highly motivated. I was very pleased to notice it during my first steps with Dynatrace.

Besides his passion for APM, Igor likes to do cross country mountain biking with his wife and two sons, listen to classic rock and progress rock music, and do photography.

Igor, thank you for building the Dynatrace Community into a valuable place for all Dynatrace users!


Winners of this award are also immediately eligible to win the Rock Star Community awards. See our Community Rock Stars recognized at Perform 2019!

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Congratulations :)

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Congrats! :-)

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Congratulations, Igor!!

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