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we are using dynatrace at our work place..i do have a question on UEM comparing the response times results with Chrome developer tool and i see both are not matching.


uemweb performance monitoring
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For server side purepaths the response time is measured based on how long it takes for the first node in that purepath to complete and the time doesn't start until the request has actually reached that entry point. I believe that using something like the Chrome developer tools that are actually on the end user machine also includes the time that it takes the request to actually reach that entry point (i.e the front end web server).

By calculating the difference between your response times it looks like it is about between 140 and 150 so this might be the contribution to response time coming from the external network. If the response time from Dynatrace was higher than the Chrome measurement then that might be a more serious issue.

- James

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i agree with you and i have one more question. i attached a screenshot and when i see the dynatrace the top we can see the 4006ms and when i add the below 10webrequest and i see 4985ms...and i see in image ? mark i know somthing happenening with chrome we know why there is empty activity?example1.jpg

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I'm not actually familiar with the view you're looking at so I don't think I can help with the empty activity questions, but for the execution times I believe the explanation is that as all of those web requests are on the same level in the tree hierarchy they are not actually being made one after the other but rather it is likely some are being made at the same time independently and thus summing them would not reflect what is actually occurring and the execution total for any level is the amount of time spent on that method call from entry to exit.

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this view is from Dynatrace UEm - user action purepath...i appreciate your quick reply but im trying to understand what is the empty activity and i see ~900ms difference and i believe that 900ms is that empty would be good if get the answer.

let me do some research and get back to you.

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Can it be related to server side processing, when the asynchronous call is returned?

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This "empty" time could be related to JAvaScript execution in the browser, a browser plugin doing some native work or the browser downloading content from an external/3rd party source that we do not track right now. The Waterfall Diagram in Dynatrace User Action PurePAth shows the data that dynatrace can see. We can see all server-side requests that end up on one of your server-side dynatrace agents. We can also see certain 3rd party downloads in case you have enabled 3rd party content capturing. We are not able to capture ALL details that a browser diagnostics tool such as the Chrome Dev Tools give you. Why? Because we capture Browser Activity using our JavaScript Agent which cant go as deep as your browser diagnostics tools. I typically always combine tools. So - I use dynatrace for broad monitoring of EVERY user out there. If I see some suspicious activity of certain users on certain browsers I try to get the same browser and open that page with the browser dev tools to see what is going on. hope this helps

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