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NAM End of Support reminder: March 31, 2021

It’s time to migrate to Dynatrace now.

Vast majority of the NAM use cases have found a new home in Dynatrace. Check the NAM EoS microsite for details on how Dynatrace addresses typical NAM use cases and NAM Support information for details on the NAM support status.

Contact your account executive or your CSM to assist you in your migration planning. If you don’t have Dynatrace yet, start your Dynatrace Free Trial to experience all features of Dynatrace. You may like to check this blog post where we share our journey from the advent of the NAM to the turning point of migrating NAM to Dynatrace. We will continue with aggressive roadmap of the Dynatrace enhancements, to meet customer demand.

Check Dynatrace product news regularly!

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