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Does AppMon support IPv6


Could you please help me with the question - Does AppMon support IPv6 protocol as a server side use and if clients will use IPv6 too. Could we have any trouble with this?


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Dear Community, question is still actual...

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Please comment

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FYI - this was created as an article rather than a question. Make sure to select "Ask a Question" rather than "Create an article" in the future so they're easier to track and find.

To answer your question I looked at some support questions and they were directed to the following answers post:

It looks like we support monitoring applications running IPv6 but it is NOT supported for client-server-collector communication. These were from older versions but I have not seen any changes in 6.5 so I believe this is still the case.


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Hi James:

Are there any changes in AppMon7.0? I noticed that the Dynatrace can support IPv6 (TCP/IPv6 without extension headers).Could you help me to confirm it? Thanks in advance.



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Sorry, that I created post as article, how I could convert it to "Ask a Question"?

I mean what if my AppMon components (DT Server, Memory Analysis, DB, Collectors, agents) will use IPv6? Does this case support by dynatrace configuration?

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Dear Community, do you have answer for that question? Thank you in advance!

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