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our customer want to know if the following versions of Tibco are supported on AppMon 7.0:

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 5.12.0 and TIBCO Runtime Agent 5.9.0

we have found in the documentation that TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks is supported for the versions:5.8.2/5.9/5.10 but we did not find anything about TIBCO Runtime Agent.

can someone help us for this topic?


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Hi Andrea,

We have setup dynatrace agent for Tibco BW where we passed the dynatrace parameters in the .tra file\:/apps/dynatrace/dynatrace-6.1.0/agent/lib64/\=name\= xxxxx,server\=xxxx\:9999

There is a plugin for Tibco BW.You can refer to the below link for Tibco BW.

But I didn't work with Tibco runtime agent.If tibco runtime agent is similar to BW and have .tra file you can pass the dynatrace parameters and it may work.


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