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Monitor the time to get a database pool connection

Hi all,

in some disaster recovery tests we are interested in monitor the time taken to balance from one database instance to another. To do this we want to monitor the time taken to get a database connection form the pool.

Dynatrace AppMon shows the Acqu Time in the pure paths and database dashlets but there's no measure available to chart this. So, one way to achieve the information was putting one sensor in the getConnection method and define one Time measure on it to char the information.

The system gets the connection with WrapperDataSource.getConnection so if we put one sensor in this method we don't see any those calls in the pure paths:

But if we disable the JDBC sensor:

we see all the JDBC calls in the pure paths and database dashlets (but not the aggregations, etc..)

So, my question here was why?

Thanks in advance, Josep Maria

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