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Announcing the Employee Member of the Month for October 2018!

Please join us in congratulating David N., the Dynatrace Employee Member of the Month for October!

David is a Dynatrace Consultant, focusing primarily on Dynatrace and AppMon. He assists Dynatrace clients in getting the best possible use out of the Dynatrace products as they try to manage the constantly changing world of application performance management. David’s passion is finding ways to combine technology and human interaction to solve the problems we face in our world today.

You may know David from the AppMon and Dynatrace forums as he always eagerly helps and advises.

When asked why he contributes to the Community, David explained:

“When I first started with Dynatrace, the community forums were a knowledge base that was always available and easy to access. This meant that I could go there to get many answers to the questions I had and still have. I contribute to the forums as a way of giving back to the community that has helped me so much. I stay active in the forums because my goal is to one day be in the top 5 of overall active users.”

What David likes best about the Community, is its spirit:

“I love that the forum is free to use but the quality of answers and the response time is great. The members of the forum take time out of their day to help those around them and you can’t help but feel motivated to join in when you experience a community of people so passionate about helping each other.”

Besides his passion for combining technology and human interaction to solve problems, David likes being outdoors and doing everything he can to experience the world around him:

“I especially love activities that keep me fit at the same time, like: soccer, jogging and playing ultimate frisbee. I like to tell people that one of my first loves was soccer…go Manchester United!”

David, thank you for building the Dynatrace Community into a valuable place for all Dynatrace users!

Once again, congratulations!

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Congrats.. @David Nicholls

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