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Create a list of favorite forums or posts   

To quickly return to an item that interests you, add that item to your favorites.


  • On the Forum home page or a forum page, click All Forums.The link changes to Hide and the list of all available forums is displayed.
  • Click the starnext to a forum name. The star turns solid. The forum is added to a Favorite Forums list just below the Navigation label. The Favorite Forums label only appears if you have favorites. To remove a page from your favorites, click the X next to its name in the Favorite Forums list.

Question, idea, or article

To mark a question, idea, or article as a favorite, click the star below the post.

The star turns solid . To remove a question from your favorites, click the solid star under the question. It becomes an outline again.

To see a list of the questions you've marked as favorites:

  • Click your user icon and select Profile.

  • On your profile page, click Favorites.

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