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Dynatrace Forum update: switch of the SSO and forum theme changes

Dear Community,

We’re planning two significant changes in the forums this week:

  1. Switch of the forum SSO

The plan is to switch the SSO smoothly, so there shouldn’t be any forum downtime. After that, the only visible change for you will be the new forum login screen.

  1. Switch of the forum theme to a default one

This will impact the forum look & feel. The reason for doing this is a high number of bugs introduced with the recent upgrades of our forum platform – AnswerHub.

What to expect?

  • Different fonts, colors, and styles.
  • Forum UI controls moved from our common navigation bar to the level of forum search box.
  • More filters in the lists of forum posts (by page views, creation date, likes, etc.).
  • Some of the forum features working again, including the survey, user tagging, profile picture upload, and tag editing.

Stay tuned!


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Looking forward to it :)

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Looks nice :-)

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